10 Shows I Love on Hulu & Netflix

So as a 20-year-old hermit obviously I am in love with Netflix and Hulu and I didn’t know whether to make two separate lists for each one but lets just have a nice sandwich of the two. They are not listed in any particular order & no spoilers.

  1. Hulu: The Mindy Project. I’ve actually put off watching this show for a while and I was scrolling through TV show options one day and I fell in love with it on the very first episode. Mindy is what I imagine I would act like if I was single in the city and a gynecologists.
  2. Hulu: Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I am in love with Andy Sandberg and this show, my husband and I binge watch this every time we have a day off together. My husband is definitely Amy and I’m Jake.
  3. Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet. Drew Barrymore as suburban mom zombie? Um yes please, this show is really corny but super funny and kinda relatable.
  4. Netflix: Parks and Recreation. So my relationship started off rocky with this show we’re definitely in a committed longterm relationship now but the show can start off slow. My husband hated this show until about the third season; my husband is Ron Swanson and I am a mixture of Leslie and Ben.
  5. Netflix: The End of The F***ing World. Omgoodness this show I am pretty sure I finished this show in two days. I honestly don’t know how to describe this show other than you won’t know whether you want a second season for closure or if its better for it to stay like that so you can keep the hope alive.
  6. Netflix: life Unexpected. Yes, I know its only two seasons but it’s actually a pretty good show I feel like the plot was a little rushed, almost like they wanted to add more seasons but couldn’t so they fast forwarded it a bit so they didn’t leave you on a cliffhanger. So if you have a weekend of doing nothing this would definitely be my go to.
  7. Netflix & Hulu: Once Upon A Time. I actually haven’t even finished this show but I love it fairy-tales with a huge twist it will have you rooting for the villains, the effects are kinda cheesy but come on it’s an abc show about fairy-tales.
  8. Hulu: Fresh off the Boat. The show is based in the 90’s and narrated by the older version of the main character it’s oddly relatable I obviously was born in 97 but I can relate with the overbearing mom and being the black sheep of the family.
  9. Hulu: This is Us. You cannot have Hulu and not watch this show. Without spoiling anything you better be prepared with lots of tissues and comfort food this show will you make you feel all the feels and crying at the drop of a hat.
  10. Hulu: Bob’s Burgers. I had to include some type of cartoon sitcom type of show this show makes no sense half the time but every character at some point will have you saying “omgoodness that’s so me”. I was just as boy obsessed as Tina (maybe not so extreme) but my husband is definitely my very own Jimmy jr. great butt and all.

Happy streaming I hope y’all enjoy the shows as much as I do let me know what I should watch next.

Til next time,The Occasional Blogger.

3 thoughts on “10 Shows I Love on Hulu & Netflix

  1. Some of these I have not seen. Must make a note.
    This is Us is a special show. The writing is top notch. It drew me in. I knew what was coming and it didn’t matter. I stuck around.
    Santa Clarita Diet? Drew Barrymore as suburban mom zombie? That little tid bit alone just raised my curiosity. I really hope it doesn’t suck.
    On Park and Rec you have to skip season 1. Season 2 is the real first season and it all comes together after season 3. Fun show.
    Cool list!!!

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