I paid how much for a Blog?

I’m the Occasional Blogger and like most twenty-somethings I occasionally like to put my life on the internet for everyone to see. Since Facebook became a thing people are almost interested to read about others daily lives.

I’m a firm advocate that everyone has a story to tell whether you think your story is insignificant or not it might help one person to know they’re not alone. I would much rather live my entire life helping one person then keep my mouth shut because I made someone uncomfortable.

This is my life and this is my story I’m not promising to be perfect at anything even blogging I will misspell words, have terrible grammar and maybe even have opinions that aren’t popular. I do promise to try my best at anything and everything I do and I just paid fourty-something dollars for an online diary wait until my husband finds out by far my most expensive journal yet. If you want to stick around to see and read about how this year will go then I’ll see you on my next post.

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